3 Types of Animated Video You Should be Using

When it comes to animation, the creation of your visual message is limitless. Animation is a highly versatile style of video that gives you the freedom to explore your message in an imaginative way. Whether it be a brand overview or launching a new Kickstarter campaign, animated video has remarkable potential to effectively convey your message. With all of this opportunity to create something memorable, it is important that you choose the right style of animation to accomplish your video goals.

Explainer Videos

The concept of an explainer video is to take a complex idea and make it simple and easy to understand. Many of these videos identify a problem or pain-points of the customer and briefly introduce how a product addresses the problem. Using animation is a great way to attach a visual to an intangible product such as software or services. As such, these videos typically hit the 90-second mark to ensure that the video remains concise, engaging and direct.

Product Launch

A product launch video is a brief introduction highlighting the features of a new offering. The goal of a new product video is to inform the audience. These videos depend on a clear, clean style that inspires the viewer to find more information about your product. Your product video should be attention grabbing and include a call to action at the end where people can find more details about your offering.

Company Overview

Every company needs an overview video. A company overview video will give your business character, while providing the audience with your mission. From small companies that produce niche products to international juggernauts with massive brand recognition, all take pride in their values.  A company overview is the perfect format for expressing these values and illustrating how your company supports them. A company overview can be an invaluable tool to build your corporate brand. For many companies finds itself on the front page of its website and/or on tv as a broadcast commercial.

Whether you are looking for colorful, bouncy animations or serious/sensitive content, animation can bring your ideas to life through high-quality visual effects.

What are some other styles of animation that you might use for your business?

Published: July 2016

Revised: May 2019


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