Why You Should Hire Professional Hair and Makeup

There’s a saying that the camera doesn’t lie. That is very true. Many of our faces lack a naturally smooth and clear complexion sometimes resulting in blotchy or uneven skin color. Similarly, our skin produces natural oils that can reflect our studio lights in an unflattering way. Whether it is a corporate headshot or on-screen talent, professional hair & makeup helps solve many of those issues.

A popular style of video is the “talking head” explainer video.  When it comes to these projects, I’m surprised by how many clients will request high production value but stop just short of making the most important elements looks their best—the people on camera!

Often clients will send their team members to our studio and request for us to nix hair and makeup in order to save some money on the back end. This results in a great looking video with ok looking talent. To make your brand and your team look their best, hair and makeup services can add touch-ups.

Clarissa and Ryan, volunteered to help me show you what a difference makeup can make on camera.

Below, Clarissa showcases the transformation from wearing no makeup to an everyday finished look. While our makeup talent can do a wide range of makeup styles from natural to glamor, often a natural, clean look is preferred for a simple headshot.

Professional Hair and Makeup - Clarissa

You can see the difference makeup makes in the before and after photo provided below.

Makeup is often overlooked for men but can certainly add a finished polish to even the best of complexions. Notice how Ryan’s skin tones become even.

Professional Hair and Makeup - Ryan

At Sparksight, we highly encourage our clients to make the investment in hiring professional hair and makeup artists for their shoots. Comparatively, the additional fee is a small percentage of the total sum. On average, a day of professional hair and makeup will run a client between $600 & $800.

The next time you invest in professional video, make sure your on-screen talent looks their best. Be sure to include hair and makeup to make your subjects shine.


Published: June 2014
Revised: May 2019

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