Sparksight has recently begun using a video distribution tool called uStudio and we are becoming big fans! uStudio solves the problem of how to efficiently syndicate your videos across multiple platforms and CDNs without having to log in to every single one and upload the videos multiple times. With uStudio, you upload once and distribute video to many places (YouTube, Vimeo, Daily Motion, iTunes, Facebook and many more).

In this video, I sat down with Jen Grogono, the CEO of uStudio and discussed best practices for distributing and monitoring the effectiveness of video online. Jen explains how you can take advantage of aggregated statistics to see the true reach of your video, as well as how you can avoid many of the technical pitfalls that video producers or companies often face when they try to upload to multiple platforms. We also discuss trends to look out for in the coming months as well as the ever-elusive “viral” button that every company wants to push.

Jen’s knowledge of the video marketing space is impressive, and uStudio aside, her comments are extremely valuable for any person or organization who wants to get the most reach and return on their videos.

Take a look and be sure to visit or to learn more about video production, distribution, and marketing.


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