Marketing Content at the Right Time

Marketing teams continuously create informational and up-to-date promotional content that can positively influence a prospect towards a sale. One of the best ways a salesperson can nurture a prospect in-between conversations is by leveraging their company’s marketing content. One of the keys to success in sales is having persuasive information to lead prospects further down the conversation funnel.closing deal on the phone

Sending out relevant marketing content to educate your prospect about your product or business proves that you were listening and engaged in the sales experience. In sales, clear value-add messaging can be the difference between making a conversion or losing a sale to a competitor.

Choosing the right content

With many different types of content at your disposal, it can be difficult to determine which content to send in your conversation. It is important to note that some content can help guide a prospect to a purchase. However, other content, if delivered at the wrong time, could deter prospects from wanting to do business with you. Furthermore, each piece of content needs to provide timely value to the prospect and make it easier to make their final decision to purchase.

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Published: August 2015 – Updated: October 2019



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