The Client:

Influitive, a leader in advocacy marketing, has changed the way companies interact with their advocates. Their product, AdvocateHub, helps clients build advocate communities, move deals further down the sales funnel, and communicate effectively with their advocates.

The Project:

Influitive wanted to provide their audience with a fun, yet informative, video that reflected the look and feel of a late night talk show. This video was to be used for social media promotion, email marketing campaigns, and other marketing and sales efforts.

The Goals:

The Influitive team based their success of this video on the number of interactions and engagements they received with the video. To track their success, the following items were measured during the campaign:

  • Social Media Engagement
  • Video Views
  • Inbound Leads

Sparksight’s Role:

The Sparksight team was hired by Influitive to help with this campaign from start to finish. The following services were performed by Sparksight:

  • Pre-production, planning, casting, scouting, & logistics- Sparksight worked with Influitive to cast all of the actors for the video, scout a location for shooting, and handle all necessary logistics associated with this video shoot.
  • Set Creation- Sparksight created the look and feel for the set used in this video, coordinating furniture vendors and working with the Influitive team to make sure it was exactly what they wanted.
  • Filming in Boston- The Sparksight team went on location to Boston, MA to shoot this video. Prior to production, we led the setup for the shoot which included setting up the lighting, dressing the set, rehearsing with all actors, and arranging various other logistics.
  • Commercial Filming- Sparksight produced multiple humorous “commercials” for BAM!TV that played during the video. We were responsible for writing the scripts, casting talent, shooting, and editing all of these commercial spots. These were filmed at various locations in Austin, TX.
  • Remote Location Recording- In addition to capturing footage from the LeadLove event in Boston, Sparksight also captured various Skype calls with remote guests that were included in the final video.
  • Post-production/Animation- Sparksight was in charge of editing all of the footage to put together one final video for BAM!TV. We used two styles of animation, one more complex — for the intro, bumpers and transitions to commercials — and another simpler style for the Skype chats.

The Results:

The entire Influitive team was quite pleased with the final product of BAM!TV and the results reflected their excitement. Some of the most notable results from only a few days after the show were:

  • Increased social media engagement revolving around Influitive and #BAMTV
  • 900 inbound leads
  • 1200 video views

In addition to these stellar results, here is one piece of feedback we received from Jim Williams “Beside the leads and data, though, the impression it’s made is incalculable – I’ve received so much positive feedback from customers, prospects, our investors, and our CEO, who is ecstatic. He’s already asking me when the next episode airs.”

Why We Loved This Project:

The folks at Influitive were not the only ones pleased with the final product, our Sparksight team had so much fun throughout the entire process of producing this video. Drew Wolber, Director of Commercial Production and Ryan Austin, Lead Animator, had a few things to say about their experience working on BAM!TV.

When asked what his favorite part of producing BAM!TV was, Ryan Austin said, “My favorite part is the Certification commercial. Although it’s very simple in terms of post production (it’s one shot, no edits) I enjoyed writing and directing the commercial and was really pleased with how it turned out. It’s pretty edgy but the client really liked that about it so we were happy to go a little nuts with it.” Additionally, Drew Wolber shared his thoughts about what his favorite part was, “The opening monologue was the most fun to direct as it contained the largest amount of scripted comedy. Working with our lead actor, Tony was a pleasure and he brought a lot of great ideas to the table.”

The Final Product:

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