Lotsa Mischief At the Office

Sparksight Presents: A 90’s Sitcom Parody



On this season’s holiday special of LMAO! First we have Work Wife Balance… he’s the husband but she’s the boss. Who will win the battle on how to decorate the office for Christmas. Then, Gorp and the Gang run into trouble when they try to record their company holiday greeting. Gorp transports from his magical home planet to learn the reason for the season. Up next, we have everybody’s favorite team slackers Jack and Mack on Hardly Workin’. Mr. C finds some questionable herbs in the office, while Jack and Mack claim it is oregano for the company holiday potluck. A fire in the office makes a splash when Mr. C gets doused with water. Finally, Jessica the teenage witch eats some of her aunt’s magical candy canes and takes a trip to the North Pole.

We hope you enjoy our 90’s sitcom parody – LMAO! – Lotsa Mischief At the Office. If you like this video, please check out our YouTube channel for more Sparksight video adventures.

Half Day on the HouseĀ 

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