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Video production is core to Sparksight’s business. Since 2007, Sparksight has specialized in a variety of commercial and marketing video styles including live action, animation, customer testimonials, event videos, and live streaming. Through our expertise and deep understanding of the ever-changing market, over the years we have been able to help a myriad of clients tell their stories, through video.

We understand your company’s need to deliver its message in a compelling and effective fashion.


Our creative team delivers fresh concepts, our production team ensures that the project stays on-time and on-budget, and our account managers take pride in getting to know you, your company, and your vision. We develop strong relationships with our clients, ensuring a smooth, long-term working partnership so we can meet each and every one of your video marketing goals.

We pride ourselves on our ability to produce high quality video in a cost-effective and timely manner.

However, sometimes our clients need a little more direction to help meet their marketing objectives. That’s why, at the forefront of our initial client conversations, we like to open the discussion about all of the video production options available when working with Sparksight. Our team’s broad skill sets allow us to guide our clients to a production they may not have realized was the best or even a viable possibility for them. The following video types have been the most effective in helping our clients:

  • Live Action: Scripted content is great for telling a story, humanizing your company to create a deeper connection with your audience, and providing a great vehicle for humor.
  • Animation: This style is best used to explain complex concepts or demonstrate a product. We put your viewers in the shoes of your target audience to achieve the biggest impact and most engagement possible.
  • Customer Testimonials: Nothing brings credibility and validates your company more than real, live proof. Testimonials can serve as the tipping point that takes a prospect and makes them a customer.
  • Event Video: Promotional teasers, keynote recordings, highlight reels, and attendee interviews are all great ways to engage attendees before, during, and after a corporate event
  • Live Streaming: Avoid any and all “you had to be there” conversations by bringing corporate events, product announcements, and other great experiences to your audience, no matter where they are.

So, as you can see, there are more ways to communicate your brilliant ideas than by filming a talking head. No matter which style of video you choose, Sparksight has the expertise to take your concept from its early conception to a successful final product!

No two videos are exactly the same. At Sparksight, we are dedicated to understanding you, your company, and exactly what goals you aim to accomplish with your video. That means we listen to your objectives, understand your strategy, and deliver creative concepts that help you meet those goals.

We find that many of our clients enjoy and prefer to be a part of the video-making process, participating in each step and every detail. They feel lucky to be involved and welcome any and all communication in our line of feedback. So, we allow our clients to be included in all aspects of their projects from scriptwriting to storyboarding, casting to location scouting, and even on set of a live production. Click the buttons below to learn more about each video production type.


Not sure where to start?


Check our our Buyer’s Guide to Video Production for essential tips about finding and buying the video marketing content you need.

Our Work

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Why Work with Sparksight?

We realize that every client is unique.

Some clients lack the time to be involved with all aspects of production. In this instance, you can take a deep breath and rest assured that we have the experience and expertise to move your project along (without packing your inbox and voicemail with the unnecessary details). We recognize that our clients hire us because we’re trusted to move the project forward efficiently and autonomously.

The process doesn’t stop once we’ve delivered the final cut, though. Our team has a passion for marketing – and not just for ourselves! We are often involved in advising how best to use your video in order to get the most return on investment, leaving you to focus on your day-to-day operations and exactly what you do best. And, we also turn over all of the video files to our clients so they can be used in other marketing efforts if necessary.

Because we work with so many bright marketing teams every day, we understand that things can change. Whether it’s because of new branding or a new marketing strategy completely, if you need a video updated or repurposed, we’re here to help! We’re happy to freshen up your video content to meet your ongoing marketing needs. It is our deep understanding of your business objectives that sets us apart from our competitors and helps you find the success you desire.

So, out of all the video production companies out there, why should you choose Sparksight over anyone else?

We’re easy to work with.

Simply put, our goal is to make you look good. So, we do everything we can to make the video production process as stress free, seamless, and always moving forward. Road blocks causing a detour? Speed bumps you didn’t see? We are the suspension that absorbs the shock of any obstacles in the creative process. When working with us, all you have to do is settle in for a smooth ride.

We communicate effectively.

This applies to not only how we communicate, but how often we communicate as well. Time is precious so, we do our homework before we ask you to spend your time reviewing work, making decisions, or even just providing feedback on the progress of a project. You can expect us to be in touch from beginning to end, but with complete regard to your valuable time and expectations.

Video production is an essential piece of your business and its marketing strategy, and Sparksight is here to make sure you knock it out of the park. We have built our reputation and business on the foundation of long-term relationships with customers who trust us. We are always happy to talk with you about your production needs and offer advice on how to accomplish your marketing goals, even if you don’t choose us as your video production studio. If you have any upcoming projects or even if you just want to stop by to play a game of shuffleboard with us, we’d love to hear from you! Feel free to drop us a note below or just swing on by.

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