Like it or not, social media video is deeply entrenched in today’s marketing world.

Brands are constantly sending out tweets, status updates, and other content to help them stay front of mind with their consumers. The call for attention is continual. Consumers are constantly evaluating content and making choices about which brands resonate with them. With all this content and competition, how do you stand out from the crowd and rise above the noise?

Social media videos are specifically designed for sharing across web and mobile platforms. They are almost always less than one minute in length and ideally less than thirty seconds. They can be a standalone piece, or a series that builds on a longer theme or story. The main feature of this content is that it is “snack-sized” and can be consumed quickly without a big time commitment from the viewer.

Social media video also tends to skew towards a younger audience, which can be helpful when you are wanting to make an early impact with your brand to create long-lasting relationships. Think of social media videos as teasers that send people to your profile or website looking for more.

Make a great impression

The purpose of these short form videos is to grab your audience’s attention from frame one, and hold it through the call to action. You may give your viewers an opportunity to learn something, a break from their busy day or you may even give them a laugh. Whatever you offer, if it is thoughtful and well presented, your audience will appreciate it’s value.

Spend wisely.

Another great quality of social media video is that it doesn’t have to be expensive or time consuming to produce. Sure, spaceships, explosions and exotic locations are flashy and attractive, but they are not necessary for this kind of video. Ultimately these videos should be simple to produce, which means that you can publish them frequently and regularly.

Have another video project you’re working on? Why not produce your social media shorts in conjunction with a bigger project.

Let’s say that the head of marketing in your company tasks your team with producing a video that explains, in 90 seconds or less, what your company does. You work with your internal team to define goals and formulate initial concepts. Then, your trusted agency develops a script and storyboards to help sharpen and refine the concept before creating visual treatments, styles, text design color palettes and the remaining pieces of the production process.

These elements, no matter what the type of video, are the foundation for the finished product.  If you’ve already locked a location or studio, investing a small amount of additional time and effort to capture extra footage only makes sense. Maximizing the amount of footage you record will save you time any money by reducing your days on set and providing you with more raw content. From that one shoot, you’ll be able to create short (perhaps humorous) versions of your video that can play on your social media profiles or even your website.

Shoot smart.

These videos can be visually and stylistically similar to your main video while serving very specific calls to action, making them simple to produce in conjunction with other projects.

Perhaps you are shooting an opening video for your customer conference – why not shoot some quick video invites for social media to help drive registration? Or maybe you are shooting a product demo video – why not create some short feature specific social videos to help support the marketing of that product?

The over-arching idea is that once you have invested in the crew, talent, location, props, etc., investing the time to maximize the mileage of your efforts is a no brainer. Of course, there is a point at which creating a great deal of new content does drive up the price. But in the case of these short, easy to shoot segments the additional investment is minimal and more often than not, worth your time.

What’s the key takeaway?

If you are looking to create video that has a small price tag with a big impact, social media shorts are just what you are looking for. Give your audience a “quick hit” of your brand that leaves them wanting more and returning often.

Sparksight specializes in getting you the video content that you need. Whether it’s long form live action videos, animation, testimonials, event videos, or live streaming, Sparksight can help meet your video marketing needs. Social media video is a new and interesting way to get your message out. Let us help you figure out how to leverage social media shorts for your video marketing needs!

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