Boost your brand’s social media presence with video shorts. 

Shorter video content, optimized for mobile to give your brand the edge it needs to stand out in the endless sea of social media.

Engage with your audience

Brands are constantly sending out tweets, status updates, and other content to help them stay front of mind with their consumers. The purpose of these short form videos is to grab your audience’s attention from frame one, and hold it through to the call to action. The main feature of this content is that it is “snack-sized” and can be consumed quickly without a big time commitment from the viewer. You may give your viewers an opportunity to learn something, a break from their busy day or you may even give them a laugh. Whatever you offer, if it is thoughtful and well presented, your audience will appreciate it’s value.

Shoot Smart.

We understand what makes viewers stop to watch and what triggers them to keep scrolling. Have another video project you’re working on? Why not produce your social media shorts in conjunction with a bigger project. Maximizing the amount of footage you record will save you time any money by reducing your days on set and providing you with more raw content. From that one shoot, you’ll be able to create short (perhaps humorous) versions of your video that can use for a social media campaigns. From one-off social media videos to a whole series of social media shorts, we are eager to make your brand shine, gaining you valuable reach and social feedback to drive your success further.

Social Media Shorts

Social videos are ideally less than one minute in length and can be used as a standalone piece or a series that builds on a larger story. Take a look at some of our favorite social media projects – or head on over to our portfolio to get more inspiration for your next video project.

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