Let your happy clients speak for you in a testimonial video that boosts your brand.


As a marketer, striking the delicate balance between humility and arrogance when it comes to your company, product, or service is an act that is often difficult to achieve.


Because as a marketer you stare at your screen looking for the right words. You think about the crux of what you want your audience to understand and you wish you could show them what you mean. You wish they could be a fly on the wall last year when you solved a problem very similar to the one they are facing for a different client. You’re wishing there was some way to prove that they would have a great experience with your company, but they’re going to have to take your word for it. Which brings us right back to choosing the right words.

What can you possibly say? Maybe you don’t have to say a word.

Show them the value you offer with a testimonial video!

If you think back to when you were most proud of your company, when your team achieved something that really made your brand shine, chances are there was probably a customer standing right beside you basking in the joy of that success. Our advice to you? Go back to that customer, re-engage with them, and re-live those glory days. This time though, bring your future customers along for the ride!

Chances are, you and your team were so hard at work, you probably didn’t even notice the rockstar moves you made that helped you get there. So who better to brag on your good work than the beneficiary of your efforts? Their enthusiasm for the success you or your product brought your customer is golden marketing material, so don’t leave it behind!  With the right approach, a customer testimonial video can tell engaging stories that make your prospects want to listen.

There are countless ways to engage your customers in mutually beneficial ways to propel both your brands forward. Creating a testimonial video together is one great channel to express and showcase the genuine appreciation for a job well done. And your customer can see the benefit of looking like a leader in their industry – in part because they chose to work with the right vendor – you!

Build trust.


When your customers see how well you took care of another company, owning their unique issues and addressing their particular struggles, they will then be able to trust that they would have a similarly positive experience with you and your team.

When engaging with a new product or service, there are a lot of unknowns and potential pitfalls. New clients need to feel confident in their purchasing decision both during the buying process, and after. You know your product will meet and exceed their expectations, so why not help them feel that sense of security sooner? Your existing clients are eager to spread the word, and this is your time to give them the stage to sing your praises.

Put your best foot forward.


You know what unique aspects set your company above the rest, and that’s probably what you’d like your clients to see. The best way for them to understand what it feels like to be one of your customers, is to hear from someone who has been there before – someone who had a problem that you helped solve.

Human beings understand content most clearly through experience. The next best thing to actually experiencing what it’s like to work with your company, is to give your prospects the opportunity to identify with a customer who has.

By bringing to life an engaging story of customer success, you not only have piqued the interest of your prospects from a sheer entertainment perspective, but you’ve also given them the chance to witness a successful partnership form. In the process of understanding the customer’s journey, the prospect gains the ability to visualize what it might be like to step into those shoes and work directly with your company.

Suddenly, choosing the right words is less important as your future customers can actually see what it would be like to partner into a successful journey with your company.

Tell your client’s story.


Just like you’ve put in time and effort into paving the path of your own unique business story, so has your customer.

What sets them apart from their competition? What stood out to you as your companies collaborated on your last project? How did the team your worked with succeed?

With this idea in mind, you can begin to mold that information into a compelling narrative and take your audience on a journey they’ll be eager to take part in.  And while you are telling the story of two companies that worked together to achieve success, don’t forget to highlight the accomplishments of the individuals on the team. Your customers appreciate the opportunity to promote themselves in a customer testimonial video, and a professionally shot video will always help elevate the individuals within your customer organizations.

What’s ever better?

In telling your client’s story of your partnership, both parties reap the benefits of extra exposure and goodwill, and your audience and potential clients start to understand just how far-reaching the benefits are of working with you. As you develop your customer testimonial strategy, don’t forget to ensure that the videos are beneficial to your company, your customer’s company and your customer as an individual!

Deepen relationships.


People bond together through shared experiences, and shooting a testimonial video is a great opportunity to create or deepen that bond. When the shoot is finished, take your customer out for lunch or drinks after work.

Being on camera with a professional video crew is a new experience to many people. Having the opportunity to discuss the experience with you after the shoot is a great way to have a shared experience that is unique. Take the opportunity to discuss some of the answers they gave during the interview. Compliment them for their on-camera poise. Offer to share the video your crew took of their business for their own marketing or social media use. Finally, let them know how much you appreciate their time and effort to be a part of your customer testimonial video campaign.

These things will serve to deepen an already strong relationship and possibly encourage your customer to potentially work with you on other marketing efforts.

Get even more out of a customer testimonial video.


In today’s social media driven world, there are many ways to extract additional value from the investment you make in the customer testimonial videos. Get the videos transcribed and use the text as a basis for a written case study. Pull quotes to use on your web site. Post pictures of the video shoot to social media. Make multiple versions of the video to use with different audiences.

All of these things help to drive the value of a customer testimonial video up, which helps to justify the investment you make in hiring a professional production company to help. In the end, looking good begins by making your customer look good. And the better your customer looks, the more your prospects will sit up and take notice of you!



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