Let your happy clients speak for you.

Engage your customers by letting them tell their brand’s story and showcase genuine appreciation for a job well done.

Put your best foot forward.

As a marketer, striking the delicate balance between humility and arrogance when it comes to your company, product, or service is an act that is often difficult to achieve. You know what unique aspects set your company above the rest, and that’s probably what you’d like your clients to see. The best way for them to understand what it feels like to be one of your customers, is to hear from someone who has been there before – someone who had a problem that you helped solve. Your customer’s enthusiasm for the success of your product is golden marketing material, so don’t leave it behind! With the right approach, a customer testimonial video can tell engaging stories that make your prospects want to listen. If you think back to when you were most proud of your company, when your team achieved something that really made your brand shine, chances are there was probably a customer standing right beside you basking in the joy of that success. Our advice to you? Go back to that customer, re-engage with them, and re-live those glory days. This time though, bring your future customers along for the ride!

Get bonus content from your video shoot.

There are many ways to extract additional value from the investment you make in a customer testimonial video shoot. Get the videos transcribed and use the text as a basis for a written case study. Pull quotes to use on your web site. Post pictures of the video shoot to social media. Make multiple versions of the video to use with different audiences. There are countless ways to transform your customer testimonial video into something new.

In addition to your extra media content, you also have an opportunity to speak with your customers directly. Scheduling the shoot gives you the appropriate professional space to discuss your business with your customers, whether the camera is rolling or not. Being on camera with a professional video crew is a new experience to many people. Our team will bring the energy and smiling faces you need to get a good reaction out of your customer on camera and have a good time, while bonding over this shared experience. Finally, let them know how much you appreciate their time and effort to be a part of your customer testimonial video.




Testimonial Video Packages

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