Motion Graphics and Typography, Video Production and Editing, Visual Effects and Compositing.

Day to Day

I spend most of my time handling the nitty gritty of post-production, compiling everything together and adding all the fancy bells and whistles that make the final product engaging and fun to watch.

Off the Clock

Building computers, playing video games, watching television shows, writing stories, thinking philosophically about things with no practical application, and... listening to the Harry Potter audio books for the 20th time in a row.


I was born in Southern California, but largely grew up right here in Austin. After going through UT Austin's film program and spending some time at various internships, I discovered and honed my passion for animation and editing.

Fun Fact

I learned how to sing the alphabet backwards. Just because.


How to Build a PC for Premiere & After Effects

How to Build a PC for Premiere & After Effects

Building a PC for Adobe Premiere Pro & After Effects In the video world, professional editors are often slowed down by their computer. Many professional …