Take the heavy lifting out of your marketing efforts and let marketing campaign videos work for you.

The best and most effective marketing strategy includes content that educates your prospects without endless upkeep. With a variety of approaches, marketing campaign videos are a great solution for any plan from the most simple to the most elaborate.

Take a product to market.


Products have a lifetime that begins long before their launch and far beyond their release. For each part of the process from conception to grave, video is the go-to solution for showcasing products, services, and marketable ideas across their lifetime. With our client’s marketing and brand expertise guiding our team’s video marketing savvy, we create video content that takes goals and objectives to reality. Here are the types of marketing campaign videos we do most often:

  • Crowdfunding
  • Product Launch
  • Explainers/Overview
  • Rebranding

We are all ears when it comes to new projects, so get in touch! We’d love to hear what innovative ideas you have and turn them into marketing campaign videos you’ll be proud to share with your peers, company, and clients.

Spread content on social.


Social media is no longer an exciting new trend – it’s a media and marketing revolution that’s here to stay. Now, the only question is how to stay ahead of the curve in terms of the ever-changing online trends.

Our team prides itself on it’s in depth, up-to-date knowledge of the video industry – including what content will speak to your social media audience. We understand what makes viewers stop to watch and what triggers them to keep scrolling. From one-off social media marketing campaign videos to a whole series of social media shorts, we are eager to make your brand shine, gaining you valuable reach and social feedback to drive your success further.

Launch a product with ease.


Stirring up excitement and anticipation is essential to a successful product launch and needs to happen long before go-time. Product introductions, overviews, and teasers are all top video resources for propelling your product launch success into a rewarding, long-term product life cycle.

Sparksight has rich aptitude for creating marketing campaign videos that resonate with your clientele. Our product propels your marketing and sales efforts forward, keeping your hands free to focus on the finer details of your success.

Check out our marketing campaign video portfolio.

Check out a selection of our portfolio! Watch the videos below to see what we do.

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