Social media management, B2B marketing, SEO strategy, visual content creation and video production

Day to Day

I am the manager of our Sparksight blog and social media profiles.

Off the Clock

I happily serve the Bumble community as a complaints moderator reporting and blocking abusive accounts that violate the app's terms and conditions. Additionally, I offer social media advising for music artists to help them reach their target audience.


I am a 3 year graduate from The University of Texas at Austin with a dual degree in Radio-Television-Film and Corporate Communications. I am most interested in the use of improving digital marketing strategy for direct business results.

Fun Fact

My dog is a STAR! His name is Owen and we have a very special connection because we work together in agility jumping and obstacle course runs. Owen is building up his film reel as a credited doggie actor, appearing in over 10 short films. Owen is a very good boy and he will do anything for a treat!


The Power of Instagram Ads

The Power of Instagram Ads

The Power of Instagram Ads Instagram is one of the newest forms of digital marketing when it comes to paid advertising. The Instagram¬† platform commands …