Sales, Marketing, Business development, Accounting/Finance, Product Strategy, Product and Brand Development, Product Management, Creative Services, Analyst and Industry Relations.

Day to Day

Loyal and hyper-focused CEO with a passion for building companies with amazing products and exceptional cultures.

Off the Clock

Father, traveler, tinkerer, family man.


Christopher Justice is a co-founder for Sparksight. He oversees operations and strategy but Chris is a key component of each Sparksight project and client. Combining wisdom and humor with common sense, Chris is a featured speaker and is a master at building better businesses through a combination of face-to-face and online marketing techniques. Chris has developed local, national and international marketing programs and events that capture the imagination and generate a sense of opportunity from attendees, customers, partners and employees. His fun and joking personality spreads through each employee and client, allowing for a casual but always professional experience.

Fun Fact

Chris proposed to his wife in the front row of an Iron Maiden concert.


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