Sparky Award for Marketing Excellence

What's it all about?

In January 2018 Sparksight began recognizing clients for particularly remarkable marketing campaigns, ideas, and achievements within their field. This became what we call the Sparky Award. Sparksight is excited to honor one client per quarter with this unique award for marketing excellence. Each Sparky Award winner is celebrated with a congratulatory event put on by the Sparksight Team to commemorate their achievement and award them with their Quarterly Sparky Trophy presented by Sparksight CEO Kelly Shores.

As Sparksight works together with clients in a variety of industries, we can’t help but notice when some teams stand out with a particularly notable passion for what they do. Each team that wins the Sparky award receives a monthly surprise throughout the quarter at their office and recognition across Sparksight’s social media properties. Check out some of the treats past winners have enjoyed so far!

Below you will find more information about our past winners, Luminex, and Pivot3.

EVO sparky Award

Q1 2019 Sparky Award Winner: EVO Entertainment Group

EVO Entertainment Group is an out-of-home entertainment brand comprised of cinemas, restaurants, bars and entertainment centers. With it’s out-of-the-box thinking, creative style, and beautiful state of the art concepts, EVO Entertainment Group is gaining international attention as a name to watch.

The EVO corporate team has created an entertainment destination that will exceed your expectations. EVO always brings fun concepts to the table for incredible creative video content – from colorful animations to punchy commercial spots. We are excited to celebrate this win with the EVO marketing team for the imagination behind original content creation.

Q2ebanking Collage Sparky Award

Q4 2018 Sparky Award Winner: Q2ebanking


Q2ebanking has a mission to build stronger communities by strengthening financial institutions. Q2ebanking is a secure, cloud-based digital banking solutions company headquartered in Austin, Texas. Q2ebanking delivers digital banking solutions for deposits, money movement, lending, security and fraud to enable financial institutions to deliver a better financial experience to their account holders.



The Q2ebanking marketing team has built a strong foundation for a vibrant and upbeat campaign series. We are pumped to partner with Q2ebanking to help extend their marketing vision with elite animations and customer testimonial videos!


Have a look at our Q2ebanking elite animation collection. You'll like what you see.

Q3 2018 Sparky Award Winner: FlashParking

At FlashParking, the mission is simple: to perfect the parking experience. The parking industry has been dominated by complicated, unreliable technology and processes for too long. With their suite of parking solutions, products, add-on features, and integrations, you can now maximize your parking operations, while delivering a VIP parking experience to your customers.

The FlashParking team is one of our local partners headquartered here in Austin, TX. We’ve been proud to join forces to create new overview videos, product shots, explainer demos and more for their awesome marketing team. It’s been fun to watch their incredible product pop up in garages all around town – keep up the great work FlashParking!

Look below to check out some of the marketing materials we've created for FlashParking recently.

Explainer Video - Overview - FlashParking

Sparksight helped Flash Parking explain how their solution is one of easiest in the industry to use, update and maintain. Sparksight shot this video in the studio and added graphics and callouts to illustrate the many technical points that Flash Parking wished to make with their customers and prospects.

Photography - Product Shots - FlashParking

FlashParking came out with a sleek new design for their product, and we got to help them show it off! The team brought the product into the Austin, TX located studio and produced some beauty shots for the FlashParking website. Here are a few, check out their site for the rest!

Testimonial Video - Customer Testimonials - FlashParking

As FlashParking quickly expands its reach across our nation's parking garages - they've collected quite a fan base! Because of their easy to use product, efficient installation process, and top notch customer service, there is quite a bit to brag about! Here you can check out what some of their recent customers have to say about the FlashParking experience.

Q2 2018 Sparky Award Winner: Pivot3

Pivot3 builds simple, intelligent and automated hyperconverged infrastructure solutions to support any workload, any datacenter initiative and any IT environment, whether on-premise, edge or public cloud. Pivot3 is the only hyperconverged infrastructure provider with an Intelligence Engine that eliminates resource contention, automates data and workload mobility, prioritizes resources to your most important workloads and lets you consolidate them on one infrastructure with confidence.

Working to produce marketing videos alongside the Pivot3 team has been an honor and a pleasure as their unique dedication to their product and service shines through in each project. Hats off to these dedicated marketing professionals for their great work!

Click below to watch some of the Pivot3 marketing videos we've worked on together.

Q1 2018 Sparky Award Winner: Luminex

At Luminex, their mission is to empower labs to obtain reliable, timely, and actionable answers, ultimately advancing health. They offer a wide range of solutions applicable in diverse markets including clinical diagnostics, pharmaceutical drug discovery, biomedical research, genomic and proteomic research, and food safety. Luminex accelerates reliable answers while simplifying complexity and deliver certainty with a seamless experience.

Luminex is a great partner to Sparksight and we appreciate the opportunity to provide them with a wide variety of videos and marketing materials!

Check out some of the projects we've worked on with Luminex