What is a Sparkler?

Sparkler animated videos are 60-90 second animated videos, tailored to fit you and your company’s marketing needs and ignite your creative vision. We’ve streamlined our process to bring you a more cost-effective animated video solution in a more timely manner. Each Sparkler places a script, storyboards, voice over, and customized final video files in your hands – at a price that’s more economical than ever! You’ll be able to choose from 3 different styles and customize them to suit YOU.

To see a sample script and storyboards, click the button below!

Animation Style Options

Your business is unique, so your marketing content should be, too! Choose from these 3 different animation styles to customize. Click the images below to see a sample video for each style.


Detailed and professional, our Flat style utilizes one of the most popular looks in animation today to give you the best possible animated video.


Soft and upbeat, our Rounded style brings a light-hearted, fun approach to your animated video!


Clean and precise, our Line Art style does away with the frills to bring your messaging across simply and effectively.