Need video production guidance on the fly?

Starting the video production buying process can be daunting, especially if you’re new to the process. Download The Pocket Buyer’s Guide to Video Production for a quick, interactive guide on everything from setting goals to budgeting for your production. This is your sneak peek into everything you can expect when moving forward with your video marketing projects.

Use this guide as a workbook supplement to our full Buyer’s Guide to Video Production or use it out for quick insight to jumpstart your creative process. With plenty of questions and space for notes, this pocket guide is a great way to outline exactly what you need. You’ll cover topics including:

  • Assessing your goals
  • Understanding video types and styles
  • Choosing a vendor
  • Budgeting for your video

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Download the Pocket Guide

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Want the same great content, with more explanation?

Our original Buyer’s Guide to Video Production is packed full with stats, worksheets, charts, and great advice to set you on the path to video production success! Check it out for a more in-depth guide to buying video.

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