Live streaming can be hard – we make it easy.

Sparksight can handle all aspects of your live streaming for any size conference or event.

Since 2010, Sparksight has been at the forefront of the live streaming industry. Our event and video production expertise gives us the ability to provide you with anything from the most basic live stream setup, to the most complex. We’re eager to get started and tackle the next big challenge you send our way. No matter what your needs are, we’re here to make sure your event live streaming experience is a breeze from start to finish!

We bring you the whole package.


Live streaming has a lot of moving pieces…luckily we can help! So, what’s included in Sparksight’s live streaming services?

  • Single or multiple camera arrangements
  • Live switching with titles and graphics
  • Public or private password protected streams
  • Easy integration with PowerPoint, Keynote, photos, and videos
  • Recording and packaging for later viewing and editing
  • Interactive remote viewing parties

But this list doesn’t end here! If you have an idea not listed here, let us know! We’d love to tackle something new with you and are eager to hear your thoughts.

We increase your viewership.


Live streaming can be a great way ti reduce event costs, all the while increasing your scope and audience. Live streaming allows you to expand your viewership without needing to raise your budget for event capacity. Instead, broadcasting your event can expand your viewership and give your content the attention it deserves.

Live streaming allows your company message to be viewed, live, from anywhere in the world. Your attendees will thank you for giving them the flexible option of joining your event excitement from the comfort and convenience of their own home or office. Live streaming will have you breathing easy with thoughts of happy attendees and increased viewership of your message, brand, and event.

We boost your social presence – online and off.


Give your virtual viewers the option to join the discussion online, whether it’s via event chat rooms or through your social media profiles. This helps to generates a feeling of inclusionThis generates a feeling of inclusion for your long distance guests and doubles to keep in-person attendees engaged between sessions. All of this user generated content can quickly be converted for use in your own social media agenda. Share and repost your attendees’ comments and photos to show your appreciation and give testimony to your company. What’s even better? All of this interaction stirs up more traffic to all of your online identities boosting your credibility and expanding your reach!

Bring the event even closer to your virtual guests with a remote watch party. Whether at the office, theater, or local hotspot, bringing your guests together brings an element of social energy to your live streaming, and sets the scene for an interactive idea exchange. With the same access to live stream chatrooms and social media, virtual attendees even have an outlet for interacting real-time with the in-person session, posing questions and comments for speakers and event operators.

We give you instant video collateral.


Live streaming is more than a real-time broadcast to remote viewers – it’s a valuable recording of all of your carefully planned event moments. This video collateral is great for your attendees (both in-person and virtual) who may have missed conference sessions they were interested in. The session recordings can easily be edited and published online for later viewing, bringing in more web traffic and increasing your brand and event awareness. And with so much new footage, you’ll have the ability to transform your media into valuable video marketing tools like highlight reels and promo videos for future marketing campaigns or the promotion of next year’s event.


Recorded Live Stream Samples

Have a look at some of our public live streaming samples. We’ve even streamed from the middle of Lake Austin before!

Frequently Asked Questions

We can! Or, we can work with your AV company if you’ve already secured these services.

Yes. We can live stream multiple feeds to and from multiple locations simultaneously.

Of course! This is referred to as live switching, and we’re pros at it. We can integrate presentations, videos, images, logos, music, other live streams, and more.

Yes. We can set up your live stream to be public or private with a password encryption. This allows your stream to only be viewed internally by employees, or if you want, sell tickets for online viewership of a keynote at your event.

Yes. Recording your live stream to use later for educational or marketing promotional purposes is a great, cost effective way to build your content library.

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