During the past two months, Sparksight has taken on the challenge of getting started with marketing automation. We went through a competitive selection process with a variety of marketing automation companies from small to large and finally selected one. We chose Pardot for our marketing automation system for many reasons. First, the product is very robust and can accomplish everything we need it to and more. Secondly, the price was competitive with the other marketing automation systems and we feel confident that we will be able to prove its value over time. Lastly, the Pardot brand shows a promising future which means we won’t have to change our system in a year or two, we can stick with them for the long haul.

We knew all along that the decision process was going to be the easy part and the real work would come when we actually started implementing a marketing automation system. We’ve been a Pardot customer for the past two months and thanks to a lot of organization and a kick butt implementation process, we’re moving ahead at full speed with marketing automation. Our experience implementing this system has been quite a learning process and I couldn’t help but share with our readers. So here is a quick guide to help if you’re getting started with marketing automation. If you have any other tips to help please leave them in the comments section! Enjoy!

Getting Started with Marketing Automation

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